Kilronan Castle Hotel

Architect: A&L Consultants

Consultant Engineers:
In2 Design

Status: Complete

Kilronan Castle Hotel and Spa in Roscommon, is one of Ireland’s top 5-star resort hotels. A Key decision was made early in the design stage of the project to reduce the running cost of the heating system in the hotel complex. The project commenced with a design study which analysed the heat requirements of the hotel and leisure facilities and how these requirements could be met through the use of a biomass boiler. The design study proposed the installation of a 350 kW boiler which would be fuelled by woodchips.

The woodchip boiler was sized to meet the base heat load for the site with two of the 150 kW oil boilers in place to meet additional demand. In the new configuration, the 350 kW Woodchip fuelled boiler acts as the lead boiler. The two remaining boilers only become operational if the woodchip boiler is offline or if additional heat is required during peak loads in extremely cold weather.

The woodchip-fuelled boiler generates a heat output of 226,800 kWh per month which provides 90% of all heating and hot water demand throughout the year.

Laurence Mechanical & the design team estimates that the water-heating bills for the hotel will have been reduced by over 50% as a result of switching to a woodchip-fuelled boiler, which has been an extremely positive, The hotel will also managed to reduce its
Carbon emissions by 252 tonnes.