25-28 Adelaide Road, Dublin 2

Client Name: McGarrell Reilly Group

Henry J Lyons

Main Contractor:
Fajon Construction

Omar Consultants

Status: Complete

Laurence Mechanical Services (LMS) installed the complete mechanical services installation to Marsh House a recently redeveloped 5,595 sqm modern office building over 6 Floors. McGarrell Reilly completely stripped the building down to its structural frame before extensive refurbishment.

Works consisted of

  • Installation of heating, water service, chilled water plant and pipework
  • Installation of chilled beams
  • Installation of fully automatic air handling unit and ventilation ductwork
  • Installation of building management systems with central control pc to monitor and control all mechanical service within the building

Occupied principally by Marsh Ireland as its Irish headquarters, the building enjoys a state of the art heating and cooling system which maximizes efficiency keeping running cost low.